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Dehradun’s Educational Legacy: Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Every year, Dehradun welcomes a multitude of aspiring students eager to embark on their academic journeys. With over 12 universities and a multitude of top-tier schools, Dehradun rightfully earns its title as the “School Capital of India.” Beyond its educational institutions, Dehradun extends its allure to students with a host of offerings to make their stay not just academically enriching but also profoundly welcoming.

Why do Students Choose Dehradun?

Over the years, Dehradun has garnered a reputation as an educational and military epicentre, consistently beckoning students from across the nation. Let’s delve into why students flock to Dehradun:

1. Quality Educational Resources

The paramount reason for the influx of students in Dehradun lies in its exceptional educational system. Dehradun’s educational institutions and schools offer an array of facilities aimed at providing students with a holistic learning experience. From comfortable boarding schools to academic excellence and the nurturing of well-rounded personalities, Dehradun’s institutions stand out. Additionally, students can explore renowned research centres such as the Forest Research Institute of Dehradun, made accessible via convenient cab services in Dehradun.

2. Emphasis on Extracurricular Activities

Dehradun’s educational system places a strong emphasis on fostering well-rounded individuals. Hence, great importance is accorded to extracurricular activities. These activities vary depending on the institution but often include options such as trekking, rafting, horse riding, and literary clubs. Actively encouraging students to participate in such activities equips them with invaluable life skills that may not directly correlate with their academic pursuits but undoubtedly prepare them for life beyond their studies.

3. Affordable Cost of Living

One of the compelling factors for both students and parents is the relatively economical cost of living in Dehradun. Students residing in hostel dormitories and boarding schools are alleviated from concerns about accommodation. Even daily expenses like groceries are budget-friendly. Transportation is easier and more affordable thanks to the car rental service in Dehradun. Even purchasing or renting a home in Dehradun is comparatively inexpensive. Families choose Dehradun because it offers high-quality education at affordable prices.

4. Safety and Security of Students

It’s safe to say that the safety of their child is the concern of any parent. A boarding school in a relatively new place may seem daunting for parents. Fortunately, there’s no reason to worry; Dehradun has an impressively low crime rate. Most institutions even have access to security and surveillance technology to make sure every student remains safe and accounted for. Another factor that makes the city safe is the low population of the city.

Summing Up

Dehradun emerges as a city that has much to offer to one and all. While it has always been a stellar destination for both visits and settlements, it has equally established itself as a prominent academic hub. Exploring the city and savouring all it has to offer is imperative, which is why Savaari is here to help you out. Our rental services are exceptional and designed to cater to your every need. Our rental services are top-notch; contact us to find out more!

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