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Top 4 Things to Do in UAE

UAE being a rich country, be it either history or culture, makes it more intriguing for visits. With the boasts of the sprawling coastline of Oman and the Persian Gulf on the eastern tip of the Musandam Peninsula to Saudi Arabia to the west and southwest, there are widespread things for everyone to enjoy in the rich Gulf state. While it could be overwhelming, one can restrict themselves to visiting the most popular, famous, and intriguing sites in the world. With the enormous amount of history and riches, they have one of the better or the best tourist spots in the world, with a generous amount of facilities to be provided with it.

UAE has many modern and dynamic cities with diverse cultures which brings harmony among the people which is seen by the visitors. Despite having man-made landmarks there are various natural wonders like beaches to the dunes. Here are some amazing things you can do while visiting the lavish country.

1-The famous Burj Khalifa

One of the spots that are easily recognizable and popular is Burj Khalifa. Known as the tallest building in the world it is home to 30,000 residents, 9 hotels with extra decks for amazing views.  You can also experience dinner camps, with lots of activities like hookah, henna, food, performance, etc. It also has an indoor ski experience named Ski Dubai. A ski slope is also a fun winter park for a family to enjoy. To avail of this amazing experience at an amazing price use Etihad Airways sale for amazing discounts.

2-Sharjah Art Museum   

Situated at a short drive of 30-40 minutes from Dubai, Sharjah is known to be a cultural capital city, with a family-oriented environment and natural beauty. One of the significant places to visit in Sharjah is its Art Museum, which is the largest Art Museum in the Gulf States. The Art Museum houses the most valuable artworks from the Arab territories, one can also see the Islamic religion and Arabic culture with a closer eye by taking a tour of historic architecture. Sharjah Science Museum is another interesting place for kids or adults who are interested in science.

3-The City of Ajman   

There are numerous places to visit in the city of Ajman, from museums to beaches. The Ajman Museum displays an amazing collection of Emirati weapons and a manuscript exhibit. For relaxation, Ajman beaches are one of a kind. A day-pass fee allows a visitor to enjoy and relax for a day with the advantage of the facilities provided. The Ajman Dhow-Building Yard locates at the largest dhow-building center in of the exciting tourist spots in Ajman. The Mowaihat which is located on the outskirts of Ajman City is another archeological spot.

4- Ras Al Khaimah  

Located in the northernmost emirate of the UAE, Ras Al Khaimah gives visitors a truly authentic Arabian experience. It holds the amazing experience of dune bashing, the golden beaches, and the towering Hajar Mountains on the borders of Oman. Zip line is another fun activity which you can do to have an overview of the place. It has numerous ancient archeological sites, rich culture, and history, which is dear to the locals.

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